Free Diving

She is a strong Turkish athlete and a world record holder in free diving.

Over the years she’s won over a hundred national and international awards.

She has a deep passion for the deep sea.

She’s even made her way into the Guinness Book of World Records for her 110m (360ft) long dynamic free-dive under ice in 2011.

She participated with the underwater hockey, underwater rugby, underwater orienteering and free diving national teams in the World and European Championships.

She is also a free diving instructor raising her own free diving students.

She is a dietician, actress and presenter.

She is Şahika Ercümen.



Real life for her is to be under water.

Bating is more important than breathing.

When she dives; her life starts over and over again.


Quantum Watches is a brand that supports water sports and athletes. They have been sponsoring Şahika Ercümen for 2 years.

A new watch in the collection named Baracuda is specially made and designed for Şahika by Quantum Watches.

Şahika has never believed in limits, so do Quantum Watches